Why I love city life

There’s always, always, always something going on. On any given day I can walk out of my building and into a show. Today alone, I took in portions of the Marine Corps Marathon, the Dupont farmer’s market, and a religious parade of some sort that passed by my building (in that case I didn’t even have to leave home, the show came to me as I hung out my window watching people pass on the street below). Not to mention all the excitement, energy, and amusement the city offers on a daily basis (museums, monuments, beautiful scenery, art, theater, interactions with people from all over the world, etc.). A far cry from the shopping mall, movie theater, cookie cutter plaza existence of my first 20+ years of life (Annapolis, while lovely, could never be confused for a city).


One response to “Why I love city life

  1. Usually for excitement “just out my window” I wind up looking at some suburban asshole trying to park on the street while screaming at his wife and kids (or screaming at her husband and kids).

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