Bike and bus collide

When I first moved to DC, I thought I would get a bike. I live about a mile from work and sometimes I don’t feel like walking, being packed like a sardine on the bus, etc. It also didn’t hurt that I saw an incredibly glamourous woman riding with high heels, hair blowing in the wind…ahh, I wanted to be her.

Then I considered how people drive in this city.  Having commuted to school for most of college and then for a few years after to work, I have nothing against drivers. But, in all seriousness, there are a surprising number of people on the road who simply can’t drive. If anything, all my time commuting confirmed that. This, coupled with the fact that the last time I rode a bike outside was probably in 3rd grade, made me hesitate in my purchase.  Not too long after, the horrific story about a biker being run over in Dupont made me drop the thought entirely for now.

Flash forward to this morning…I was approaching the south side of Dupont Circle waiting to cross over the two crosswalks and onto 19th St. going downtown. The closest crosswalk had a don’t walk while the further one had a walk (this makes more sense if you’re familiar with the area). A woman on a bike, who later said she only noticed the walk signal on the further one, headed into the street despite the oncoming bus. She collided with the side of the bus. She was fine, the bike was a bit messed up, and a whole scene ensued about who had the right of way until she realized she was looking at the wrong crossing signal. An easy enough mistake to make, I suppose, with the various circles, diagonal roads, weird intersections, etc., that the planners of this city seem to have loved.

I guess the bike idea will be pushed back again.


One response to “Bike and bus collide

  1. You just have to be careful. I don’t ride every day (or every week, even), but I know (and live with) people who do. Constant vigilance is required, but once you get used to the need to have heightened senses, generally it’s not too bad.

    Give the whole bike thing a second thought. It really does open up some venues (C&O Canal Towpath, for instance) that you might otherwise miss.

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