What does it mean to be a Washingtonian?

First, have you voted? Have you harassed all your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about voting? If not, please stop reading right this second and get on that.

Now, assuming you have already done your civic duty (and possibly claimed the free cup of coffee Starbucks is offering to those with an “I voted” sticker), I recently came across an interesting contest WaPo is running. In 300 words or less, what does it mean to be a Washingtonian?

I find that a fascinating question to ponder with respect to such a transient city. Very few people I know are actually from here, so if you aren’t “from” a place what makes you “of” (for lack of a better word) a place? If we randomly met in a coffee shop in Ohio, what shared framework/experience/reference point/feeling could we draw upon that would unite us in our Washingtonian-ness?

You can find more details on the contest and submit your fabulously insightful 300 word missives here: http://tinyurl.com/6o4j9n

On that note, Happy Democracy Day! I don’t really care who you vote for, just that you do. And that you stay involved and engaged because that’s the only way change ever happens, no matter your definition of what change should be.

P.S. I find it a little odd that next Tuesday is a federal holiday but people have to squeeze voting in around their work schedules today (unless, like me, you hopped on the absentee voting bandwagon…but, sadly, don’t get free coffee because you don’t have a sticker). Couldn’t we just make Veterans Day coincide with election day? What better day to honor those who fought for our freedom than the one on which we exercise it by selecting our leaders?


One response to “What does it mean to be a Washingtonian?

  1. I certainly agree that election day should be a Federal holiday. It makes sense. I’ve got my “I voted” sticker on my smartrip card — free coffee forEVER! (well, coffee is disgusting, so, no…)

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