Treasure hunt: DC style

Last night was amazing.

Being the sort of person who loves the printed word and has an appreciation for history, I set out this morning to get copies of today’s newspapers. It started out very easily since the WaPo box on my street still had a few copies. It was all downhill from there. In retrospect, I should have been very happy since I know a lot of people who couldn’t even find that one. However, I wanted the whole array – NYT, WSJ, and somehow had the notion I might be able to find a copy of the Chicago Trib. An hour, three book stores, five CVSs, and about two dozen paper boxes later, I ended up late for work but with an NYT to match my WaPo.

On the way home, people were staring at my bag with paper-envy. Two people actually asked me when and where I found them. Next up: the special edition of Newsweek (and Time?) coming out tomorrow. My plan is simply to be at Borders as soon as it opens and hope they have it out.


One response to “Treasure hunt: DC style

  1. My bookstore was sold out of all U.S. newspapers at 10am. Wow.

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