No one on the corner has swagger like us

In the last week, I’ve seen three motorcades downtown. Tonight as I was walking home from work, Connecticut Ave. was shut down yet again for one to pass by. I’ll admit it’s a little impressive with the flashing lights and sleek cars but probably quite the traffic nightmare with every side street blocked off. Luckily, I almost never drive in the city so I wouldn’t know firsthand. One of those “only in DC” things. Where else would it seem routine for one to sit in a traffic jam waiting for the President/President-Elect/visiting dignitary to go by?

NW seems to be security central tonight. In addition to the cops all along Conn Ave. in association with the motorcade(s), the Marriott Wardman Park is a hotbed of activity. I would imagine it’s somehow related to the G20 meeting, as there are protesters assembling in the little grassy area on Calvert St. opposite the hotel. As an aside, if you are a global financial leader, it must be depressing to be confined to staying at a Marriott instead of one of the other fine establishments the city has to offer (I know times are tough, but even I’ve stayed at the Ritz for a conference before). Finally, over in my little neighborhood, there are several cop cars out and about, and a mobile crime lab trailer thingy (so technical, I know) parked on a side street off Columbia Rd. Unclear whether this is G20 spillover too or just preparation for the usual drunken debauchery of a Friday night.


One response to “No one on the corner has swagger like us

  1. I saw those protesters today, and I was thinking, “How is it I haven’t learned yet to take my camera everywhere with me?”

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