One shoe, two shoe, red shoe, blue shoe

I thought changing shoes at work was strictly a female thing. I walk a mile to work and my selection of work footwear largely consists of high heels, ergo I wear flipflops or sneakers and change into the fancy ones when I get to the office. Pretty common behavior among women.

This morning (after walking past a fire on 19th between S and Swann, complete with nine firetrucks over two blocks) I spotted a guy in a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit. Looked fabulously put together. And what was he wearing on his feet? Beat up tennis shoes. I can’t recall ever noticing the shoe switch phenomenon among men. I assume it was motivated more by concerns over scuffing up the Gucci loafers (just a guess here) than discomfort at walking in them.


One response to “One shoe, two shoe, red shoe, blue shoe

  1. When I started at Borders, I worked as LP (Loss Prevention), and I was told that one good way to judge a possible problem “shopper” was to look at their shoes — I was then told that, because of where we’re located, that’s pretty much pointless, since you see guys coming in wearing suits that cost more than I make in a year and they’re wearing sneakers that look worse than mine do.

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