Tell me about yourself in 5 minutes or less

Speed dating is something I never thought I would do, but last night I found myself in a dimly lit private room of a bar on U St. with 20 other DC singles…as the hostess of the event, not a dater.

DC is a great city for “gigs” (i.e. the one-night stand of jobs, make some cash and be finished with it) because there are dozens of special events and parties on any given night. Having quite a bit of event planning/coordinating experience throughout my college and professional life, occasionally I help arrange and/or work private parties. Who can argue with easy money? Sometimes you meet interesting people, they are usually held in interesting places, and if everyone sucks you never have to see them again.

I happened upon this particular opportunity Wednesday night and showed up Thursday night ready to go. It was probably the easiest $100 I’ve made. Unlike most events, there was no setup required so I sat around for the first 45 minutes enjoying the ambiance of the venue and waiting for people to arrive.

All in all, 20 people showed up. For the most part they were all cool people and average to very good-looking. Not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I worked the room a bit before it started and liked everyone I spoke with, male and female. Observing the experience from 40,000 feet, as it were, it looked like a fun night. I can definitely see the utility of it for busy people who don’t want to go the online dating route and, judging from the crowd last night, one might actually have some prospect of success.


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