Rollerblading to work?

Wow, I go away for a little while and WordPress has a design overhaul. Interesting.

So there I was walking down 19th to work this morning when I saw a woman on rollerblades skating down the center of the road. Painstakingly slowly. Like, I was walking nearly as fast as she was going. Additionally, she was decked out in a reflective vest, so she was clearly hardcore about this skating in traffic business and didn’t just happen to find herself there for that block or two (and, indeed, I observed this going on for about four blocks). I’m not sure how this could seem like a good, common sense idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about sharing the road. The way traffic inches along, most people can bike faster than cars travel during rush hour anyway so I don’t really understand the biker vs. car, “stop hogging the road,” debate. This was in a whole other league though. If I were driving, I would dare say it would be road rage inducing. Since I was casually strolling, it just made me laugh.


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