Shooting in the neighborhood

There was a shooting last night in Adams Morgan. Naturally this doesn’t make me feel great about my little neighborhood. However, what really puts the icing on the cake, so to speak, for me is the quote in today’s WaPo from Councilman Jim Graham.

The councilman offers these thoughts: The homocide was, “extremely upsetting,” Graham said, “but I’m very pleased there was a squad car right there.”

That strikes me as absurd on two levels. First, how can one be pleased criminals are brazen enough to shoot and kill a person with cops “literally right there.” If anything, it’s more disconcerting to me that the increased police presence as of late didn’t serve as a deterrent. Second, if a cop was “literally right there” then what does it say that the shooter got away? Frankly, I can’t find anything to be “pleased” about in this situation.


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