Cool holiday things in Adams Morgan

The kiosk at the intersection of 18th and Columbia has its share of detractors and admirers. I tend to be in the former camp. Although in theory I sympathize with those who like to say it fosters a sense of community by acting as a message board where one can post whatever one wants, it is primarily a site for promoters to post a million fliers about weekend shows at various bars on 18th. I suppose that passes for “community” in this neighborhood, but I think it just looks kinda ugly and distracting seeing as it sits right in a major intersection. Apparently a sculpture of some sort is destined to live next to it in a year or so, now that roadwork there is complete. It will be interesting to see what planners think can peacefully coexist (i.e. not look too ridiculous) next to it.

As I was walking to Target the other night, I noticed the kiosk has been temporarily transformed into a Festivus pole. The “grievances” (for the most part, disappointments from the past year) people have written run the gambit from hilariously absurd to profound. I found myself compelled to stand there and read every single one. It’s a pretty cool concept and definitely worth a stop by if you’re in the area.

On another front, nothing says holiday season like a nice cup of hot chocolate. Personally I’m a huge fan of Mexican hot chocolate — the spicy sweetness is heavenly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find. I happened upon the best I have ever had at my favoritefavoritefavorite coffee shop, Tryst, last week. Perfection in a cup. The fact that it’s two blocks from my apartment is probably not so good since I’ve been back for more almost every day since.

So, if you find yourself up this way, grab a cup of Mexican hot chocolate to ward off the cold and go read the latest offerings at the Festivus pole.


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