Happy 2009!

Tomorrow is about as far as I like to prognosticate so contemplating an entire year of “tomorrows,” here or otherwise, is far too daunting a task. 2008 brought a lot of changes. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow (and, by extension, the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow, ad infinitum) brings.

To my five or so loyal readers, most of whom I know in real life — thank you for the banter that usually inspires my posts. To the infinitesimal segment of the DC blogger community I’ve passed in the night, all too often reading what you write without commenting — reading your blogs makes me a better, richer writer.

I don’t make new years resolutions, but I am looking forward to more vigorously tending my little corner of the interwebs through increasingly frequent posts. No promises, but a girl can have aspirations!

Happy 2009!

PS: How can it be 2009 already, I really don’t feel like 2000 was all that long ago.


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