Pita bread should not be used for communion

Jesus as crumbly bread is an odd representation. Moving on…

My best friend from college got married and bought a house last year. Another close friend got married this year and has begun the househunting process. Among the people I’ve kept in touch with since college, almost three years out now, I’m probably the closest with these two. Obviously, I’m beyond thrilled for them at these developments.

I’m not in the process of either of those things at the moment. Nowhere near, really. I can honestly say that fact doesn’t bother me. I rather enjoy my life as it is. It’s odd to start going through these changes in one’s social circle though. In many ways, they are now living a life entirely unique from my own. They are still the same fabulous people (with the added bonus of fabulous spouses), but it changes dynamics in an elusive, undefinable way.


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