“If it starts a little bleaker, then the year may yet be gold”

If you happen to know me in real life, you know I’m not much of a drinker. Sure, I’ll have something fruity and spiked with vodka or a glass of generic white wine when I’m out, but I rarely keep anything around the apartment and I’m usually content with sipping one drink most of the evening.

Consequently, when someone suggested going to a wine bar (Veritas, in Dupont) the other night, I felt in over my head. How to order? What to order? How could I avoid looking too ridiculously ignorant? I attempted to tap the wealth of knowledge my wine aficionado coworker possesses, but the place doesn’t seem to have a working website so we couldn’t scout out the menu. She gave me some general pointers, which were lost to me when I opened the exhaustive compilation of all things wine menu.

The place itself is very nice. It’s tucked slightly off the beaten path, just down Florida Ave. off Conn. Ave. It’s easy to miss if you’re just wandering down Conn Ave. I only knew where it was off hand because I often run down Florida and over to Mass. Ave., which takes me right by it. The interior is as one would imagine a wine bar — dark, a mix of exposed brick walls and some painted a deep reddish/purple color, candles electric luminaries that imitate candles, etc. We got there around 7pm on a weeknight but it was pretty busy. The smallness of the place and the acoustics, design-wise, of the brick made it a bit noisy but not so bad that we had to shout to hear each other. 

As for ordering, I was overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the menu. Pages and pages of things that were Greek to me. They should have a vocabulary list at the back or some sort of narrative to put different categories in context. It’s a novel as is, what would it hurt to add a few more lines here and there? Regardless, I simply asked our waiter for a recommendation after scrutinizing the menu and pretending to comprehend it somewhat. I was thoroughly pleased with his suggestion…though I found his overt flirtation a bit of an odd customer service tactic as I was there with a guy.

All in all, it’s a decent date-ish sort of place. It strikes me as an ideal location to go on a rainy day to have a glass of wine (or a soda…oh, yes, I’m that kind of person) while watching people scurry by outside.


One response to ““If it starts a little bleaker, then the year may yet be gold”

  1. I’ve walked by Veritas a million times but never made it in… I used to live over there. Next time I’m in the hood I’ll give it a shot- I’m a huge wino. 🙂

    See you tonight!

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