All these things and more

The revolution may not be televised but it will surely be Facebooked. This week, among a stellar lineup of stories, NYT Magazine explores the role (actual and potential) of Facebook in fostering the growth of civil society in repressive states. Using that lovely site for something other than memorializing bar crawls or finding out that guy you sat next to in freshman English and are still “friends” with got engaged? Who knew. Although this is by no means a groundbreaking notion, their lengthy case study focusing on Egypt is quite interesting. I would excerpt some highlights here but, really, it’s worth clicking over to read the entire piece…

Revolution, Facebook-Style: Can social networking turn disaffected young Egyptians into a force for democratic change?

While you’re there, skim the exhaustively long cover piece on the mysteries of female desire/arousal. Lest the male portion of my readership (such as it is) hope to find answers to the riddles of the fairer sex, I assure you none are provided as it reads rather circuitously. It does, however, present some interesting food for thought in the age old discussion of how women differ from men.

Finally, there’s a nice little bit about the complete lack of guilt/shame/remorse exhibited by those who played prominent roles in bringing our economy to the depths of the abyss where it is now. Walter Kirn asks, “Where is the shame and remorse on Wall St.?” Good question, sir, good question.

Basically, the entire thing is great from cover-to-cover this week, so go read it.


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