Shoe love is true love

Some days, nothing makes sense. On days like that, very little helps like buying and wearing shoes like this…terribly-sexy-shoes

If you aren’t quite sure where you’re heading, then wandering in style is the next best thing. The picture really doesn’t do them justice but it was the best I could find. I would take a picture of them on my feet right now as I’m wearing them to parade down the catwalks carpeted hallways of my office, but that seems a bit odd. The best part, in keeping with the theme of recession chic, is that they were 75% off on clearance at Macys. Now I just need to go somewhere worthy of such cuteness (the office doesn’t quite cut it).


2 responses to “Shoe love is true love

  1. You call them “shoes”, I call them “instruments of torture.”

  2. I wouldn’t walk all the way home in them or anything, but they really aren’t quite as bad as they look.

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