On how AdMo is more than a drunken college playground

I’ve been hating on Adams Morgan a lot lately (in real life, that is).  In the spirit of complete accuracy in my reportage, I believe I may have Twittered, “this almost makes me want to move,” last night while walking back from Mt. Pleasant around midnight amidst the tipsy, obnoxious masses. Mind you, I hadn’t even ventured down the 18th St. strip. I guess I’ve just been out a lot more lately on weekends, which puts me face-to-face with that side of the neighborhood.

In fairness to the qualities that sometimes make me profess a desire to one day own a little place not too terribly far from my current apartment, I bring you a snapshot of the other side. Idle Time is a used bookstore located on 18th St. just south of Columbia Rd. Being a book person, this is one of the first places I stopped in when I moved to the neighborhood. The selection is actually pretty diverse and interesting (I rarely leave empty handed), the layout is airy and inviting, and you never know what you’ll find on the $1 rack out front.

To fill some time between early dinner and late drinking/dancing, I popped in there on my way home just now. The political and foreign affairs type books are upstairs so, predictably, I ventured up there. There was soft music playing in the background and it was virtually empty, but for a guy browsing on the opposite side of the floor. I chose a book and sunk down into a frayed, worn, red chair by a large window overlooking the intersection of 18th & Columbia. With the plants on the windowsill, you feel like you’re in the private library of someone’s home as opposed to a store. I didn’t actually make it through much of the book as it was too good a spot for people watching. From that vantage point, all one sees is the quirky, quaint little neighborhood below. A welcome reminder of what a fabulously unique place to live this really is.


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