On the double

Can we please get over the idea that the 43 bus is an express version of the 42? Cutting one stop does not an express make. In theory, it’s great. Circumventing the whole mess of Dupont Circle in rush hour with its weird merges, blinking lights, and crazy lane changing by just going under the circle is an improvement. However, the five or so times I’ve managed to actually catch a 43 in the morning, the wait to go under is nearly as long as it is to go around (this is not the case by the time I’m going home, however, when we just zip on under with no traffic in sight. Nice, indeed).

The real issue to me, though, is that there is absolutely no reason for the bus to stop on every single corner. Seriously. I can see three stops from the front of my building. They should make the 43 a true express line and skip every other stop. Now that would be something for which it would be worth getting excited.


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