Bring on the popcorn, with a side of social change

I saw the movie “Milk” the other night. It once again demonstrated Sean Penn’s incredible talent as an actor far and away makes up for his occasional bizarre bouts of political commentary. Seriously a great performance on his part and a movie that is worth seeing.

I would be remiss in not mentioning how disappointing it is to think we are still dealing with some of the same issues vis a vis gay rights all these years (decades!) later. Or how the talk of Prop 6 made me think about Prop 8, which always makes me think of my lovely college friend who moved to California a little while back and married her girlfriend over the summer. That their marriage, like so many others, is caught up in that absurd mess makes me more than a little angry.

However, that terrain has been covered backwards and forwards, so I want to spend a moment touching on a less obvious angle. The movie begins when Penn’s character, Harvey Milk, is just an anonymous 40 year old nine-to-fiver in NYC. He was 40 years old before he even had an inkling of getting involved in politics and he went on to both symbolize and galvanize a movement on a national level. Just goes to show it’s never too late and one is never too “ordinary” to do great things that make an impact in one’s life, community, or even the world.


One response to “Bring on the popcorn, with a side of social change

  1. Hey I saw Milk too and I liked it as well- definately agreed on the smiliarities between then and now:

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