Breaking news right outside my window!

It figures, the day I’m living right in the center of one of the top news stories in the city is the day my camera battery is dead. Regardless, I bring you this little cell phone picture from this morning of Columbia Rd., which is still closed going westbound between 18th St. and Mintwood Pl. after some sort of issue which resulted in smoking manhole covers. To imagine what it looked like when I got home last night, add about 15 Pepco trucks lining both sides of the street. My neighbor, who was home when the initial incident went down reported hearing three very loud “explosions,” almost immediately followed by a convergence of police and Pepco closing down the street. Hopefully this will be an isolated incident and not a trend a la Georgetown a few years ago.street


One response to “Breaking news right outside my window!

  1. That’s actually a really good photo for a cell phone- what kind of phone is it?

    BlackBerry. I tried to take one last night when there was more activity but it came out horribly with the glare from all the lights at night.

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